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Lyon’s International City of Gastronomy will open its doors at the end of 2019, in the recently renovated Grand Hôtel-Dieu.

Last updated date : 09/09/2019

Considered to be France’s Capital of Gastronomy, Lyon is renowned for the quality of its cuisine and its famous ‘bouchons’, as well as for the great diversity of its food and the inventiveness of its young chefs who are shaking up tradition.

In addition to more than 4000 restaurants and food-related events throughout the year, the city boasts exceptional terroirs in the surrounding area, with Bresse chicken, fruit and vegetables from the Monts du Lyonnais, and wine from the Beaujolais and Côtes du Rhône.

Located in a building that was formerly dedicated to healthcare, the International City of Gastronomy will promote food as a source of health and well-being.

When the gastronomic meal of the French was inscribed on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010, it raised awareness of the need to promote the special place gastronomy holds in French culture and make it accessible to all.

With this in mind, Lyon will be home to one of the four International Cities of Gastronomy, along with Tours, Dijon and Paris-Rungis.

Covering nearly 4000 m², a 'gastronomic journey' will include permanent and temporary exhibitions, culinary workshops and activities, interactive experiences and more.

Located in the heart of the magnificent Grand Hôtel-Dieu and near the new Halles du Grand Hôtel-Dieu, this will be another essential stop for your gastronomic tours in Lyon.

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