Wildlife in Romanèche-Thorins

Treat yourself to a safari for a real day of change of scenery !

Last updated date : 02/08/2020

30 minutes to the north of Lyon, Touroparc.zoo offers a breath of fresh air. Its wooded paths take visitors from one world to another, for a fun and educational experience. With a bit of patience, you might surprise the elephants as they bathe, the lions perched on their rock, the hippos peacefully swimming, a baby ring-tailed lemur in the arms of its mother, or a red panda taking a nap in a tree.

One might think that all is peace and calm at night, but many of the animals are nocturnal, remaining active from dusk to dawn. 

Touroparc invites visitors to discover the park during its night-time openings… Subdued lighting, which respects the animals’ chronobiology, creates a unique atmosphere. The park’s animal attendants reveal the secrets of this nocturnal life along the visitor trail. Reservation is required as there are only a few available dates between June and August. Don’t delay!

Other news: the park welcomes a few new residents. The Komodo dragon is of course the star of 2019! Curu is already an impressive sight, even though he has not yet reached his expected length of 3 metres… This rare species is part of a European protection scheme. This huge lizard is amazing as, despite his fierce appearance, he longs for calm. Curu will undoubtedly make a home for himself at the park. You can welcome him at the vivarium!
Three Canadian timber wolves, Tamia, Taku and Koda, have arrived in a new enclosure! Go and see them: you will be amazed by their size!

Touroparc.zoo also offers other attractions:
•    A leisure area with a mini train, merry-go-round and tree climbing adventure park;
•    A water park with three waterslides. Ideal to cool down on hot summer days (July and August).

This is a fantastic place to come visit animals and spend a fun day as a family!

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