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The Unusual Surprises

Become experts in Lyon with this unusual tour

In the footsteps of big businesses that Lyon made history .. Fear and anxiety lurk on street corners!

If you love a thrill? Follow the guide in search of bandits, murderers and other crooks of all kinds that have devastated our good city of Lyon!

This does not go back to yesterday: all time wealth and fame have attracted bad boys! The tour takes you on a ride into town through the ages, from the 14th centuary til today, on a dark gloomy ride discovering the charachters who have scared the people with their crimes.

Squares, streets and buildings that were once the scene of their misdeeds which inspired writers and film makers.

Listen to the guide talk about the dark side of Lyon with a hint of humour

An exclusive visit of Lyon Tourism and Conventions.

practical information

On foot visit.

Duration: 2 hours.



A la carte group rate quotes available on request to the Guide Bureau 
Online or at +33(0)4 72 77 72 33 or at

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Charte des bonnes pratiques The guided tour Charter

The historical quarter guided tour good conduct Charter allows participants to enjoy the city’s older quarters whilst not disturbing the local residents.

The guided tour Charter