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The 24 Columns

Lyon’s historical Palais de Justice reveals its secrets... Visit exclusively proposed by Lyon Tourism and Conventions.

Following four years of renovation, discover this architectural jewel by Louis-Pierre Baltard, Lyon’s historical Palais de Justice.

Entering via its imposing façade with its 24 columns, you will discover and understand this focal point housing the court of appeal and the assizes on the same site where justice has been dispensed since the tenth century.

An exceptional opportunity to wander through the building’s main concourse, the court rooms used every day by magistrates and lawyers.
The very place where several of the most important trials in French history have been conducted.

Access must be submitted for prior authorisation .

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Visit on foot

Duration: 2 hours.


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Charte des bonnes pratiques The guided tour Charter

The historical quarter guided tour good conduct Charter allows participants to enjoy the city’s older quarters whilst not disturbing the local residents.

The guided tour Charter