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The Unusual Surprises

Hidden Monsters and Gargoyles

Surprises and discoveries, introduce you to the medieval imagery of a fantastic bestiary through three emblematic churches in Lyon.

Chimera, dragons, dogs, lions, monsters, bear-cubs, phoenix and griffins…... 
They are all there, jaws wide-open, claws extended, above the heads of passers-by. 
You just have to raise your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the legends and stories they conjure up…

On a walk that brushes past the elegant church of Saint George, which sounds out the darkest corners of Saint John's cathedral, which is on friendly terms with the “traboules of Old Lyon and which finishes up in grand style at Saint-Nizier, come and experience the exoticism and dreams of men living in the Middle Ages.

Binoculars are available for your visit

practical information

Visit on foot.

Duration: 2 hours.


A la carte group rate quotes available on request to the Guide Bureau 
Online or at +33(0)4 72 77 72 33 or at

Groups of 25 at the most

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Charte des bonnes pratiques The guided tour Charter

The historical quarter guided tour good conduct Charter allows participants to enjoy the city’s older quarters whilst not disturbing the local residents.

The guided tour Charter