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The Unusual Surprises

Bellecour and its mansions

What is behind those elegant classical facades? You can learn more by following the guide!

This fascinating and unusual tour enables you to see parts of Bellecour.

One can easily walk past without paying attention and yet these places are steeped in history.Discover the secrets of these mansions from old rural properties in the Abbey Ainay.

Illustrious architects, such as Soufflot, continue to give evidence of their talent in these magnificent and luxurious residences.The course helps to evoke the neighborhood's history: how  Place Bellecour Place Royale became, or the arrival of the rich society of the time eager to display their social status and flaunt architectural feats in the middle of the peninsula.

This tour reveals the hidden heart of downtown!

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Walking Tour - ONLY IN FRENCH

Duration : 2 hours.

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Charte des bonnes pratiques The guided tour Charter

The historical quarter guided tour good conduct Charter allows participants to enjoy the city’s older quarters whilst not disturbing the local residents.

The guided tour Charter